Computer Repair

We are pleased to offer a full range of PC repair services. We can make hardware and software repairs, add new equipment to your existing setup, or give you a complete PC build from the ground up. If you are experiencing a slow running computer or other issues, we offer full virus scans and removal services. We are also pleased to offer training to anyone who is having a hard time making their computer or software work.

Hardware / Software Upgrades

Hardware and software is continually changing. It is not unusual for computer companies to offer continual updates and upgrades to their systems. Many of these upgrades are very simple changes that do not impact the way you use your computer. Some, however, can change how your entire operating system works. We will gladly install any hardware and software upgrades you need for your computer and make sure that everything is functioning properly. We will also take the time to explain how to use these new changes to your benefit.

PC Builds

Our PC repair services also include offering complete PC builds. We understand that many people need very specific types of hardware for their computers to work in a specific way. This may include having high amounts of speed, power, or storage. Our computer repair service technician will sit down with you to learn what you need from a computer and help you design the perfect machine. Then, we will build the computer to your specifications right there in your home.


If you are having difficulty with your computer, a lot of time the problem is very simple. Finding this problem, however, can be difficult. Our PC specialist will run a complete diagnostics on your machine before starting any repair work. We will search for broken or corrupted files, full caches, and internal errors. We will also read and diagnose any any all error messages that the machine has recorded. Once the diagnostics are completed we will tell you what needs to be done to complete the repair.

Virus scans and removal

The Internet is filled with many wonderful things. Sadly, it is also filled with many dangerous things as well. Viruses, malware, and other forms of attack software are continually being released into the Internet and attacking any computer it can find. Some of these viruses simply destroy files and ruin computers; others steal information or hijack the computer. Even with anti-virus software installed there is still potential for viruses to enter your system. We will locate and remove any and all viruses that are corrupting your system and help you prevent them in the future.

Network Support

Network systems are very helpful for individuals and businesses alike. They allow multiple computers to be connected and interacting with each other. Networks can allow people from different areas to access information, print, or share work without having to be on the same computer. We offer complete network support systems from setting up your network to maintaining and offering service and repairs.

File Recovery

Everyone has experienced the absolute devastation of losing an important computer file. Businesses and individuals both can suffer greatly when a file becomes corrupted or lost within the system. Most people believe that they are gone forever. We are pleased to let our customers know that many of these files can be recovered. Our experienced techs can find lost files within your system or repair corrupted files. We will also run a diagnostic on your system to find out why the file was lost in the first place so we can correct the problem.

Routine Maintenance

We encourage all of our customers to have routine maintenance performed on their computers and related equipment. Preventing a problem before it occurs can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Our preventative maintenance also helps your computer stay fast and secure at all times.

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