Our company offers over 30 years of hands-on experience with computers. We know hardware, we know software, and we know how important your computer is to you. We offer fast service in your home or office at an affordable rate.

Computers have become a very integral part of our everyday lives. We use them at work and at home. We shop, communicate with friends and family, surf the web, use email, watch movies and TV even. Computers can now be integrated into even more functions of the home, (like your thermostat, doorbell, lighting, etc) making life much easier. 

Sometimes, however, things go wrong and all of a sudden the computer system has issues, or it fails and everything that you have invested into the system is at risk. All your data, pictures, and programs could be lost.

When this happens, you don’t need to panic, you simply need to call Mobile PC Medic.

We can help you address every problem from hardware or software malfunctions to malware or virus attacks. We can install new systems, make repairs, or even create a computer system that will meet your exact needs in the form of speed and storage capacity. 

Our Services

Computer Repair

We are pleased to offer a full range of PC repair services. We can make hardware and software repairs, add new equipment to your existing setup, or give you a complete PC build from the ground up.

Hardware/Software Upgrades

Hardware and software is continually changing. It is not unusual for computer companies to offer continual updates and upgrades to their systems.

PC Builds

Our PC repair services also include offering complete PC builds. We understand that many people need very specific types of hardware for their computers to work in a specific way.


If you are having difficulty with your computer, a lot of time the problem is very simple. Finding this problem, however, can be difficult.

Virus scans and removal

The Internet is filled with many wonderful things. Sadly, it is also filled with many dangerous things as well.

Network Support

Network systems are very helpful for individuals and businesses alike. They allow multiple computers to be connected and interacting with each other.

Why us?

We got the tools

We can fix almost anything right there on the spot.

Certified Experience

We make over 30 years of experience available to you.

Competitive Pricing

Competitively priced but done at your site – beat that!

Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee all of our work – or we will come make it right

30 Years Experience

Put our guaranteed expertise to work for you and your machines!

Great Support

We are always here to help you over the phone, internet, email etc.

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